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Honey Cleanser


Yes! You can use natural raw unfiltered honey to wash your face. No more chemicals leaving your skin taught and dry, your face can now be amazingly soft and subtle. It goes on quite smooth, and it not as sticky as you might think!

Local Honey from Cocoa, FL

8 oz.


Honey Cleanser

Our natural honey cleanser is free of synthetic chemicals.  Honey has superior antibacterial properties and antioxidants which contain healing properties. It is also super nourishing and hydrating; you will no longer have dry taught skin. The Garden Soap Co. natural cleanser can help heal skin ailments ranging from eczema to acne. This cleanser will also unclog the oil and dirt that accumulate in your pores which can cause breakouts.

To use honey to wash your face,  you will wash almost the same way you would with any other facial cleanser, although you won’t wet your skin first. Take two fingers full of honey, and massage it onto your dry face. If you put it on wet skin, it will be too slick to massage in. Next, rinse with warm water and a wash cloth. After patting your face dry with a towel, your skin will feel incredibly soft.

You can wash your face with honey every day/night!  You can follow up with our natural oil facial serum for the added benefit of essential oils

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Weight 5.5 oz
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